Weird and wonderful animals!!

May 1, 2015

As I warned in my last two posts I will hopefully entertain you with some of the antics of the wonderful animals I care for!

Today it’s Biddy’s turn. She is an elderly lady. Well sometimes! Other times she’s a mischievous teenager! Typical cat right?

In some ways but Biddy has her extraordinary talents.

1. She loves cold tea. Out of my cup! The only reason she only likes cold is because I won’t let her near the hot!

2. She plays the piano! Not all the time, just when she feels that she is not getting the attention she deserves, like at 4am this morning! Needless to say it worked.

3. She gets up on the roof and can’t get down and has to be let in via an upstairs window. Not occasionally but often!

Have a great weekend everybody.


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