Some Lessons for Apartment living and Autorenewals!

November 14, 2013


I hope you all know that whilst I have the knowledge and expertise to help others sort out their money  woes, I’m not perfect and can still make silly mistakes and mess up myself occasionally!!

This has not been a great week. We have been having the building and windows cleaned and what was supposed to be for one day is now into it’s third! Windows and blinds closed for two days was bad enough but the water blaster nearly did me in! So far today, whilst I still know they’re here (I can hear them on the roof!) at least so far, and cross my fingers, we are being spared the water blaster!!

Then this morning, first at about 6:30 and then an hour later, we had fire alarms. Both seemed to be false alarms and we were quickly allowed back into the building but I still walked down 7 flights of stairs twice!

Then I noticed that $187.03 had come out of my account. Nothing was due, all AP‘s had gone out of my account so I was concerned and rang the bank. To my query on who, I got the answer “”. I had been trapped by this last year (read slow learner!) when, at the end of my free trial, it automatically renewed for a year! I clearly wasn’t paying as much attention then as I was today and by the time I contacted them it was too late to get a refund! I thought that I might use it, so didn’t cancel it then and of course it has never entered my head since! Not until it auto renewed again! This time I rang them in time at least, and will get the full refund thankfully!


  1. When they say the  windows are going to be washed, this is not a quiet activity here, so make sure not to plan appointments nor schedule cold calling by phone! An out of office day is much more appropriate!
  2. When considering going into an apartment consider fire alarms. In public buildings they do make you evacuate!
  3. When considering going into an apartment consider fire alarms and remember that if you are on the 7th floor and there is an alarm you will have to walk down 7 flights of stairs! Even worse, if the lift breaks down you will need to go up 7 flights!!
  4. Make sure you read the small print. If a membership, or free trial, will autorenew either cancel it immediately or make sure you put an alarm in your diary/calendar/phone to cancel before the autorenewal date!

OK, I feel better now, so off to enjoy the rest of my week…


One Response to “Some Lessons for Apartment living and Autorenewals!”

  1. Jill Porter Says:

    I spoke too soon! The waterblaster has been on again!

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