Here comes Christmas!!

November 12, 2013

Christmas is on its way! I saw photos on a friend’s Facebook page of turning the Christmas Lights on in Regent St London and I notice that I am having more discussions around arrangements etc so it must be creeping up!

So I thought I 588485_blogwould share a couple of tips with you whilst you still have time to implement them!

  • Work out what you are going to buy, for whom, before you leave home.  This means less shopping time, but more importantly, it reduces the risk of buying something on impulse.  Use the internet to come up with ideas, not the shopping malls.  Also, decide how much you will spend on each person and then just take that amount of money, in cash, with you.  If you overspend on one person, you will need to adjust for the others still on the list.
  • Discuss with your family ways of reducing those you buy for.  Some examples of how to do this which work well: Draw names out of the hat, one for everybody and then set a dollar limit.  Eg:  you get Granddad and the limit is $50.  So you buy one present (for Granddad) and spend no more than $50.  If you can afford it, increase the amount to say $200 and then everyone gets one very good present, but you are still putting a limit on how much you spend.
  • Only buy for the children under teenage years. (Can be up to any age)
  • Agree not to buy presents at all and just enjoy the family time.
  • Be creative.  My Mum made the best shortbread so she used to make a batch for all of her friends and family.  Frame a photo or make a photobook.  Grandparents love anything their grandchildren make.  Their first (or maybe second!) attempt at becoming the next Picasso, their hand or footprints on paper, books or calendars of photos of them.  You don’t have to limit these to just the grandparents, other family love them too.

Remember:  no one expects, and nor would they want, you to get into financial difficulty buying them presents.
I am in the throes of proof reading my e-book on Money Management tips, which contains these tips and more, so will let you know when it is available.

How do you spend Christmas and the Holidays? I’d love to hear any cost reduction practices your family has adopted, so share them below.


2 Responses to “Here comes Christmas!!”

  1. Kathryn Doughty Says:

    I Love this Jill.
    I experienced a “light bulb” moment this time last year when I realised that “spending time” with my family was more important than “spending money”

    We have completely changed how we spend our Christmas now. Instead of being exhausted and broke from a mad shopping frenzy we are now able to enjoy each others company on the day feeling relaxed and free of debt!

    We still give each other a 1 present each, decorate the house and enjoy a lavish Christmas feast but it is more manageable and the bonus – there is more money for wine!

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