Monday Money Motivator – it’s not always about the money!

October 1, 2013

This time last week we were all gripped by the race for the America’s Cup and still, in the main, pretty confident that Dean Barker and his team would be bringing the Auld Mug home.

Sadly that was not to be, and a lot of Team NZ, including Dean Barker, arrived home this morning, without it.

I have been very open on Facebook about how proud of the team I was. Nothing has changed. My post last Thursday was:-

Emirates Team New Zealand hold your heads up high guys, you have done NZ proud. You have given your all and today left it on the water. You were beaten by a faster boat. It will hurt but we still have your backs and are so very proud of you all.

I still, strongly, feel that.

So now the discussion has turned to two main questions.
Did we get value for our (taxpayer)dollars?
Should we invest in challenging for the Cup again?
My answer is yes to both.

Sir Stephen Tindall, the founder of The Warehouse, commissioned Ernst and Young (I think), to analyse the first question. Their report showed that the Government’s return was met in PAYE and GST payments alone. Sir Stephen was also a large sponsor of Team NZ.

So that is the money part of it. In purely monetary terms the sponsorhip of Team NZ gave an adequate return on investment.

As important, if not more so, was the effect on the mood of the nation. This of course, is much harder to measure and I don’t know if anyone has tried. So I’ll give my opinion.

It was an enormous success. If you just look at the numbers at Shed 10 every day of that last week, you can see how “on board” we all were. I know I was glued to my TV every morning from about 8 o’clock, until racing was finished or abandoned for the day!

Yet again NZ showed, and we were very proud of them for doing so, how we continue to punch above our weight, in many areas of the global sporting arena. Not for us the billions that could be invested, and were, by Larry Ellison and Oracle. We certainly had our international corporate sponsorship, but not to the same level, and certainly not at the intimate level, that Team USA was.

I sometimes watch a CNN show by Piers Morgan. The one I watched last night (recorded earlier in the week) included a segment about Team USA and their record winning “come from behind” win. The bit that really made me laugh was when Piers Morgan said that he thought that the elephant in the room topic, just how many Americans were on Team USA, should be addressed! They initially gave rather obtuse answers but finally had to admit that there was only one! NZ, on the other hand, was sailed by an all Kiwi crew.

Some time ago I used this graphic as my Monday Money Motivator. I think it bears repeating, in light of this.What money can buy

I think that to answer the second question, this concept should also be born in mind. It is not always about the money and the softer, emotional, aspects should also be considered. Pride in our country, should be additional motivation to be the best we can be, personally and as a nation.

So, take a bow Emirates Team NZ, you were fantastic ambassadors for NZ, and I for one am grateful and very proud of you.


2 Responses to “Monday Money Motivator – it’s not always about the money!”

  1. Watching Team New Zealand from the seawall here in San Francisco, we echo your sentiments. Dean Barker’s crew, Grant Dalton’s team from the tiny country of New Zealand conducted themselves with the utmost in character, competitive spirit and composure. New Zealand should be very proud of their emissaries. Over 170 countries saw that David challenged Goliath and, while they didn’t win, they could have won and, in fact, on that fateful Friday, won by a country mile had the race not been called for time, 2 min. over the limit. Good on you, New Zealand!

  2. Jill Porter Says:

    Thanks Kathleen. It’s certainly great to hear the positive impact Team NZ had on it’s American audience. I am certainly very proud of them and by the response since they returned home, that seems to be a common emotion!

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