I should write a new post before I go away!!

January 8, 2010

Christmas Day view....nothing to do with what I've written but I just love it!

I am off to Malaysia tomorrow to do some haemophilia training for the Bayer sales team (what I did for 15 years before my new life!)and  I am really looking forward to it.

I am frantically preparing myself and the training materials but nagging away at me is the “I shoulds…”- one of which is to write a new post. However, I have another little personality quirk and that is that I should (again) only do something if I do it properly…or rather..perfectly!

But isn’t the Social Media world wonderful. Yesterday I browsed from Havi Brooks “The Fluent Self” http://bit.ly/5G3fDe, to  Mr Smarty Pants’ and Fiona Bowman’s blogs. David, (Smarty Pants) as well as being VERY funny, wrote a fantastic piece on success, which really resonated with me. http://bit.ly/6NzOlM.

Fiona, as well as also being funny, (as is Havi by the way!) wrote a poignant piece on perfectionism, depression and being stuck – all of which also resonated strongly with me. http://bit.ly/7asTZE

These three blogs combined to pretty much sum up my feelings as we head into this new year, 2010!

My idea of success may not be yours, but I am loving starting my own business; scary and all as it is. OK, I’m not earning as much money as I was (I’m probably even behind where David is/was!) but I’m so much happier and relaxed. People still talk to me about “when you have to work” They may not believe it and it may not look like it, but I am working as hard as I’ve ever done and enjoying it so much more! I just know that I will be successful too.

I do occasionally have doubts, but they are fleeting…and that’s the way I like them. They disappear especially quickly  when I  help someone resolve their issues with money and when I look back on my journey to this time and place.

One of the doubts I struggle with is writing posts here. “Who will want to read what I write?” What do I know?” “What if it’s not right?” “What if it’s not good enough?” “Who do I think I am?”

Well, I know I’ll still have them and they may well be true; but I’m going to try and ignore that little voice with all it’s little doubts and not allow it to stop me writing here because I love it, and who knows I may well know some stuff (I must have learned something with all this gray hair!), I may even be right (at least some of the time), someone may read it and even think it’s good enough!

I’m also going to reduce the “shoulds” in my life!

And finally, I KNOW who I am.

Happy New Year and thank to Havi, David and Fiona for inspiration!

PS I’m only going to proof read this once!


5 Responses to “I should write a new post before I go away!!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AdageBusines, Jill Porter. Jill Porter said: A quick post before I leave for a few days! http://wp.me/pDpjD-1L […]

  2. Jill,

    You’re way ahead of me, with blog posts and e-newsletters! Well done and content rich as we used to say when designing corporate Web sites.

    Rock on!

  3. MrBarns Says:

    There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

  4. Tharris Says:

    I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

    surface encounters mi

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