When spending is not compulsive but compulsory!

October 16, 2009

Benjamin Franklin once said:  ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Well, today it’s taxes!

Up until December I lived, and worked, in Oakland, California.

Whilst my job finished in June, I stayed on until December and saw something more of the USA, which was great.  It’s a long story, but essentially my contract was still based here in NZ, so when my position was “eliminated”in the US – I love that phrase – the NZ division of the company I worked for, were responsible for paying my redundancy or severance!  And that they did so all’s good so far! Until that is, my US taxes had to be calculated.

NZ and the US have a reciprocal agreement so it’s still all good for the US Federal taxes; the US Federal government recognised the taxes I’d paid in NZ so I didn’t need to pay them anymore. However, NZ and California have no such agreement and I have just paid a very, very hefty Californian tax bill. When my business is just getting established, that really hurts!

So, the blog on compulsive spending is still coming, but today’s is on the compulsory (well, certainly if I ever want to go back to the US, and I do, it is!)spending on taxes!  And trust me it’s not fun!


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