September 16, 2009

Whilst my professional life is spent as a money coach helping professional people with their financial recovery, currently my personal life is dealing with physical recovery.

Last week I had surgery on my right hip, which, in due course, will make a significant and positive impact on my quality of life, but at the moment is just hard! I am on crutches and dependent on others for fetching and carrying, getting my meals, and not being able to drive, taking me places. I am not used to it and don’t adjust that well!!

Physical recovery has many similarities to financial recovery. Both are extremely rewarding and worth it in the end, but getting there can be hard and takes time and patience. They both require  acceptance of some temporary personal restrictions, the assistance of others and focus on the end goal – recovery and an improved quality of life.

So  I am sitting back, trying to be patient, enjoying the time to read (and blog…)watch the stuff I’ve MySky’ed and focussing on the time when I will again be able to enjoy hiking in this beautiful country of ours!


What do you think about this?

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